Investing in the proper storage facilities to receive, consolidate, and ship cargo is essential to keeping your supply chain moving.

Optimizing your warehousing operation doesn’t need to be a hassle. At South Star Logistics, we provide unmatched warehousing, transportation, and high-value services, to help simplify your order-to-cash cycle.

Our extensive storage network across the Continental United States ensures that you have available facilities where you need them. We can transport goods from your supply source to consolidation centers, export terminals for transloading, and fulfillment centers without delays.

Choosing a warehouse in the right location can be one of your most challenging business decisions. Fortunately, we can help you optimize your shipping loads and landside transportation with facilities near ports, railways, and high-density areas.



The distribution center is one of the last locations on your supply chain.

From here, our freight professionals can move your products by various modes of transportation, depending on your shipping needs.

Order Fulfillment

Efficiently managing your inventory is crucial for fulfilling orders.

Streamlined warehousing strategies, like cross-docking, can help you precisely stock and ship products according to customer demand.

You can use the following services to stay on top of order fulfillment:

  • Inventory sorting: Warehouse staff can categorize and move your cargo to the correct location in the facility for transportation.
  • Box scanning and labeling: Workers monitor and track your inventory. This method helps you prevent losses and keeps your customers updated on the status of their deliveries.
  • Product bundling: Product bundling allows you to consolidate items according to your customers’ needs.

Transportation Logistics

Value-added warehousing services allow your logistics to run smoothly during every shipment.

We ensure that your goods reach the customer before the must-arrive-by-date with the following services:

  • Repacking: Warehouse workers can replace damaged boxes to protect your cargo in transit.
  • Palletizing: Staff can load excess cargo onto pallets and move them to storage spaces before shipping. They can also adjust the height of these pallets to comply with your supply chain’s storage and movement requirements.
  • Returns and waste: Having a plan in place to receive returns keeps your warehouse operations running smoothly. Workers can collect and repurpose returns and dispose of damaged goods.

Shipping Services

As a reputable asset-based logistics company, we are proud to deliver excellence nationwide, no matter how challenging your supply chain may seem. Our shipping services are fast, easy, and reliable. Contact South Star Logistics to hire us for your warehousing fulfillment and distribution.

We’re experts in Nationwide Transportation Logistics.