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When you need to ship expensive cargo across state lines, partner with a logistics company you can trust.

Explore our South Star Logistics value services summary page to see how we can streamline your outbound shipments with:

  • High-velocity cross-docking
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Transportation route planning and optimization

As a leader in the freight industry, we work tirelessly to reduce your transportation costs and minimize delays in the supply chain. Schedule regular shipments by contacting a representative of our team today.


Streamlining Logistics

Our state-of-the-art cross-docking methods help you manage your high-volume incoming and outgoing loads. With fast-paced monitoring, consolidation, and loading services, we keep your shipments moving. Cross-docking prevents you from spending unnecessary money storing large quantities of materials hung up in the supply chain.

If you need to keep your inventory safe in storage before shipping, our convenient warehousing services can help. Our company handles and fulfills your orders efficiently, expediting delivery times and preventing unnecessary losses in storage. We provide facilities near Fontana and other strategic distribution hubs across the country, optimizing them with our cross-docking and full or partial truckload consolidation services.

Reduce storage time in the warehouse by hiring us for fast and reliable transportation. We provide modern routing and optimization services that allow us to move your cargo with ease.

Some of our high-value services include:
  • Shipping Appointment Scheduling
  • Shipment Compliance
  • Loading and Configuration of Freight Trailers
  • Local and Final Mile Metrics for Distributions
  • Less-Than-Truckload and Full-Truckload Shipping and Handling
  • Dock Pooling and Merging During Transportation
  • Multi-Cargo Shipping
  • Freight Consolidation
  • Round-the-Clock Transportation
  • In-Transit Efficiency Planning

As you can see on this value service summary page, we rely on technology to support our operations. Our team uses GPS tools and software to find efficient routes that save you money on transportation expenses like carrying costs and fuel. This method also ensures that your cargo reaches the closest storage and distribution hubs to your customers.

Simplify Your Fontana Outbound Shipments

You can schedule and forget about your shipments when you choose our freight team at South Star Logistics, Inc. No matter how challenging your shipment demands may seem, we can handle them with our 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Do you have questions after reading our value services summary page? Contact us at South Star Logistics to learn more about these comprehensive shipping solutions. We operate out of Fontana, CA, and serve the surrounding areas.

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