Pre-Planned Expedites

Are you operating within tight deadlines? We’ve got you covered!

With our expedited team delivery services, you benefit from accelerated shipping times, allowing you to ship your goods to any location in the lower 48 states quickly and efficiently.

Our highly trained drivers and expedited transportation assets are equipped with the latest driver cell phones, GPS trackers, and other cutting-edge technologies to ensure speedy and timely delivery. Whether your shipment is a cross-continental truckload or a same-day hotshot, we’ll transport it to its final destination in no time.


Direct to Customer

Consumers love direct-to-customer or direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands, and it’s no wonder. By eliminating the crowded supply chain of manufacturers, wholesalers, warehouses, distributors, and retail middlemen, you can offer lower prices, higher quality control, and expedited service.

Sharpen Your Competitive Edge with South Star Logistics

This is where we at South Star Logistics come in, as an asset-based carrier, we can provide you and your customers with secure and safe transportation of goods across the United States. By joining our forces, we can give you the extra-sharp competitive edge you need.

At South Star Logistics, we are your trusted carrier partner. By tapping into our nationwide service network, you can delight your customers with expedited delivery and superior customer service to scale your business quickly and easily.

You don’t need to be a global corporation to be competitive in the marketplace. To learn more about our expedited delivery solutions and how we can help you level up your business, contact our team today.

We’re experts in Nationwide Transportation Logistics.