Asset-based Trucking

Truckload Consolidation

If your cargo is LTL (less-than-truckload), you shouldn’t pay for a full 48- or 53-foot trailer.

With our LTL consolidation services at South Star Logistics, you can order a partial truckload, paying only for the trailer space you need. In addition to reducing costs, LTL consolidation offers more flexibility and control over the shipping process.


Volume LTL

Our Volume LTL service may be a good option for you if your shipment is under one truckload but more than:

  • Four to six pallet spaces
  • 8 linear feet of loose product

If you are unsure which LTL service would work best for you, get in touch with our team to discuss available shipping methods. We can help you find the right transpiration solution for your needs.


Are you pressed for time? With our expedited partial truckload service, you can ship your cargo to any location in the United States in no time.

We have a large team of professional expedited drivers and assets equipped with state-of-the-art GPS tracking, driver cell phones, and other modern technologies to ensure delivery on time, every time.

High Value

At South Star Logistics, we offer some of the industry’s best high-security and high-value cargo shipments. Our end-to-end visibility, strict communication and security protocols, and comprehensive insurance coverage will give you peace of mind as we transport your valuable items and goods within the state or across the country.

Load to Ride

Don’t want us to touch your cargo any more than we absolutely need to? If you opt for our Load to Ride service, we can bring the trailer that will deliver your cargo to your location for loading.

For extra peace of mind, we can place a bulkhead wall between your cargo and the other shipments in the trailer. Once we load your shipment, we’ll never touch it again until we deliver it to its final destination.

Do You Have a Partial Truckload Shipment? Call Us.

At South Star Logistics, we offer a wide range of LTL freight services for businesses along the entire supply chain. Contact us today to discuss your Volume LTL consolidation needs.

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